Married men of Reddit reveal what they were actually thinking when their wife-to-be was walking down the aisle

Weddings, they can cause a whole host of emotions, especially for grooms who have to stand and wait at the end of the altar for their glowing brides.

Married men of Reddit have revealed their honest thoughts as their wives walked down the aisle. From the heart-melting to the hilarious, here are some of the best thoughts they had.


“Wow she actually wasn’t joking about not wearing shoes”



“She was really close to her dad and he passed away two weeks before our wedding. As she walked down the aisle I couldn’t help but think how beautiful her dad would have thought she looked and how proud of her he would be.”



“What in the world are she and her parents doing coming around the side instead of down the aisle?” We got married outdoors, where maybe the lack of walls created confusion. In any case, we thought it was pretty funny afterwards.”

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“I got married in India in a traditional Hindu wedding (I’m a white boy). I had eaten some BAAAAAD food 2 days before the wedding, so the only thing I was really thinking about during the whole ordeal, including my wife being brought in, was whether I was going to have an accident on stage or not.

“We were seated on the floor of the mandap (think covered stage setup), and I had to get up and sit back down about 5 times during the ceremony, and each time was a true test of my sphincter strength. She didn’t realise how bad it was for me at the time, so I pride myself in not ruining the moment for her at least. I however, was in absolute misery.”



“Thank goodness the sun came out 5 minutes ago or she gonna be MAD.”



“Damn, I can’t believe someone this gorgeous wants to marry me!”

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“I pretty much always have 3-4 things going on in my head, and an internal monologue that never shuts up, but honestly my brain kinda stopped.

I just soaked it in, watching this person I loved coming toward me. All that nervousness and excitement just stopped for a minute.

I watched her and smiled, I remember every second of it, and the closest thing to a thought I had in that moment was joy.

…brb going to go tell my wife I love her.”



“Please don’t trip.”



“My Dad used to tell me all the time that I should try and ask out girls I thought out of my league as I might surprise myself. So I did, and then asked her to marry me, and she said yes to that as well. I was thinking of this as she came in. While she was walking down the aisle, my Dad leaned in and said “You know how this happened?” I smiled, and nodded, thinking he was pleased with his advice. He then said “Cos I don’t, you lucky b*******.” Dad joked at the altar.”

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