Men with Dad Bods Are More Attractive and Live Longer

The dad bod. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in fact it’s something that could potentially help you to live longer and be more attractive, according to a scientist.

Richard Bribiescas, a professor of anthropology at Yale University, saying in his book ‘How Men Age: What Evolution Reveals About Male Health and Mortality’, that putting weight on after fatherhood strengthens your immune system and, in the long run, makes you less likely to suffer from heart attacks or prostate cancer, the Telegraph reported.

He added that people with dad bods may also appear more attractive to women.

A 2008 study also found that men with high metabolisms were 50 percent more likely to die in a given year than those without.

“Macho makes you sick,” Bribiescas said. “The Hollywood image of the swaggering, dashing man dispatching bad guys and carrying the day conjured up a perception of indestructibility.

man with pot belly drinking coffee in his underwear

“While men are on average larger and physically stronger than women, men have a considerable weakness.

“We have a harder time fighting off infections and illness compared with women, and…men simply do not take care of themselves.

“This has a significant negative impact on the pace at which men age.”


This is also supposed to make you a better dad, which can make you more attractive and desirable.

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