Men of Reddit answer what one thing they would do if it wasn’t so feminine or socially unacceptable

Men of Reddit were asked what thing would you do if it wasn’t so feminine or socially unacceptable? Things got pretty honest.

It turns out lots of guys were actually jealous of the cosy clothes girls get to wear and some even liked the idea of wearing makeup.

One guy even expressed how much he preferred being the little spoon in his relationship.

It’s time to spill the secrets!


“I would only wear yoga pants” – trump_did_nineeleven


“Honestly, I think I’d get into quilting. I live in Pennsylvania and there’s some damn impressive quilting happening here. And, to top it off, I think it’s awesome that you can make something like a quilt and give it to someone, who’ll literally wrap themselves in the gift you’ve made them.

F*** it. I’m making a quilt.” – santajawn322

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“I’d knit so hard, bro.” – xIVlike


“One night, my girlfriend decided to use one of those face mask things. So I decided why the hell can’t I make my skin all nice and soft? Now I’m addicted and do them at least twice a week.” – d***_butt_jr

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“I don’t know if this counts because I do it but leggings are amazing. I lost a bet and had to go as a princess for Halloween and those leggings were so f***ing warm that I now own several pairs and I am no longer cold when I go out. Obviously, I don’t wear just the leggings on their own. I’ll wear them under pants or shorts because I’m not a s***.” – bigalsplaypen


“It’s a really simple thing, but girls just f***ing smell good. When they come out of the bathroom after showering and freshening up, it smells like someone knocked over a jar full of polka dots or something. They’re all flowery and fruity and sweet. I wish I could smell like a flowerbed all the time without getting judged.” – Dear_Occupant


“Skirts. We need the room. I’m actually for the revival of cloaks and such as well. We should just wear robes.” – jaijaikali


“Be the little spoon – sometimes I want to be the cuddle instead of the cuddler.” – VictorBlimpmuscle

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“Drape myself in velvet.” – flamingglobes

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