Men reveal advice they’d give to the next guy who dates their ex and it’s as brutal as you’d expect

Sadly most relationships don’t last, and you’re extremely lucky if you get an amicable breakup. Things tend to get petty messy, which will mean that for a long time your ex will always be the devil in your eyes.

A few guys took to Reddit to explain exactly what they would say to the next guy who ended up dating their ex-girlfriends.

Some of these were honest and brutal, but thanks for the warning!


“She’ll forget anything nice you do for her within a week and think she’s holding the relationship together when really she’s lazy and selfish. But hey, good luck and enjoy the h***”

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– /u/wickedblight


“Be prepared for her to cheat on you. She cheated on the 7 boyfriends before me. And I didn’t know that until after starting to date her, I became 8.”

– /u/thatguy2846548
“She has zero self-worth. You’re compliment game is gonna have to be pretty on point. Also I hope you like Marvel movies!”


– /u/NorthernSpade

“She’s a really sweet girl, but she’s a little bit broken. Unbelievably guarded with her emotions. Be prepared for problems communicating and conflict avoidance. Last time we chatted she was still with her new boyfriend, so he must deal with it better than I did. He probably doesn’t need the advice.”

– /u/XjohnsonX

“Record every time she loses her s*** for when you need to call the police when she gets violent. Or just f****** don’t. Run away very fast.”

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– /u/wotmate
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