Men Reveal The Thing A Girl They Were Dating Did That Made Them Run Away Immediately

Things can be going swimmingly in a relationship, you feel like you know the other person so well, you’re on the same wavelength and there’s nothing they can do to ruin things…oh wait. Apart from that one thing they just did.

Everyone knows there can be that one thing someone does to completely ruin the picture you’d built up in your head of them.

What the thing is and when it occurs is different for everyone, but it’s something that they can’t usually come back from.

If things take a turn for the worse then it’s usually time to bail, which is exactly what these guys on Reddit did.

A handful of people took to the site to explain the one thing a girl did in their relationship that made them run and never look back.


This girl’s list of sexual partners was a bit too much.

She showed me a list of guys she’s been with, and it was over 100. She was 18 so it freaked me out.


– Nosyt15


These girls wanted to move in way too quickly

Asked to move in with me. We met at a party, hooked up, hung out the next day. Two weeks later she got a ride to my town from some guy she had been stringing along. We spent the weekend together, and as we were waiting for her string-along to come pick her up, she asked if she could come back the next weekend with all her stuff. She just wanted to get out of her parents’ house. It was a shame, I was really interested in her, but I couldn’t fathom the poor decision-making of wanting to move in with me just to get out of her parents’ house (which was not an abusive or even uncomfortable situation). And, Even though we seemed to have a connection, it made me unsure how into me She really was, and how much was just desperation to leverage herself out of her living situation. She ended up moving in with string-along chauffeur boy a couple of weeks later.

– rapiertwit

first date, she started talking about me moving in with her

– le_fez


She cheated with her ex.

Sucked her ex boyfriends d***…

Silk sports celebrities reactions memes

– Apexbreed


She let her anger out on the cat!

Intentionally kicked a pet cat.

– ra__account


Some serious emotional issues

Came to my house while sloppy drunk, and threatened to kill herself if we broke up. I was 17. I was not even remotely equipped to deal with that s***.

no kanye west hell no swipe left

– Redbladder


She couldn’t handle her alcohol

She was a sloppy drunk. I get it if you’re all f***** up towards the end, but this was like…A few drinks into the night

– Captain_Planet_27

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