Men Reveal Whether They Think Spending Too Much Time Together Ruins A Relationship

All relationships are different, sometimes people can’t stand to be away from their partner for very long, and other people feel like they spend too much time with them.

Spending every waking moment of your time with someone could cause some issues in your relationship down the road, you need some time to yourself right?

A few guys took to Reddit to explain their thoughts about whether or not spending too much time with your partner ruins the relationship.


“You’ll run out of things to talk about, and stop looking forward to seeing each other. Of course, how much is too much varies by the stage of the relationship and the individual people.”



“To tack onto this:

When you spend all day every day together you sacrifice the other things you once did – the other things that made you fall for each other in the first place.

You become this empty shell that only reflects the other person.”



“Everyone needs time to recharge alone to some extent. Not getting that can lead to stress and meltdowns and resentment.”

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“It’s notorious for causing relationships to fizzle out in the early stages. It can get exhausting and (IMO) it’s important to be busy and passionate about your personal hobbies and goals – kicking it with the same chick every day makes you look (and be) complacent.

I like seeing a girl to feel exciting, not routine.”



“Everybody has some annoying quirks and habits. If you spend too much time with a partner, you risk ODing on those quirks and habits and killing the attraction.”



“A really individual matter.

It can, but it doesn’t have to. Take two people who like closeness, and it works out, have at least one of them require “alone time” and it won’t work out.

Personally, I’ve found that I can spend a lot of time with her without it being an issue. During the first years of college we spent all our spare time + holidays constantly together, and it was rather an invigorating experience than a ruinous one.

Nothing exhausting about it at all for me.”

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“If you spend too much time around someone you can get locked in on some aspect of the person you don’t like and start noticing it all the time, even if the behaviour is uncommon. You look at someone and just see that one thing they’re doing is wrong because the normal great things have become background noise due to familiarity.”



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