Men Reveal Whether They Think Spending Too Much Time Together Ruins A Relationship

“Healthy space and alone time is good, I think. Depends on your partner’s needs as to how much of it is good vs. bad.”



“Spending time together is awesome, but you don’t want it to get in the way of the other things you love in your life. You don’t want to do it because you feel like you should, you should do it only when you want to. There’s nothing wrong with wanting some time and space to yourself.

There’s no magic amount that’s too much though. It varies a lot from person to person and relationship to relationship.”

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“Neediness and boredom.

You need to go out and experience life by yourself to have something to share.”



“Varies from person to person, but learning to live with someone else is complicated and takes time, if you rush this process you might skip some steps and ruin your relationship.”



“It depends on the two people involved. Not that every couple can spend every waking moment together (I’m not sure what percentage I can) but I think a couple who isn’t right for each other will start to see their incompatibilities much quicker spending a lot of time together early on.”

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“If you don’t give each other time to pursue hobbies and interests that the other might not share or even just “you time” you start to resent each other eventually especially if one person insists on spending all of your free time together at the expense of the one person who wants time to themselves.”



“As others said you run out of things to talk about, you start to pick up on all the little things that annoy you about that person which then makes it a bigger problem because you really have nothing better to talk about so you find issues, problems about that person which you’d otherwise just ignore.

You also stop doing the things you loved to do before the relationship which in turn will eventually make you resent the person because they’re “stopping” you from doing it, you’ll stop hanging around with your friends as often for drinks and slowly fade away from your social circle and life.”



What are your thoughts? Can you spend too much time with the person you love?

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