Olympian and ex Strictly star Greg Rutherford reveals his rebellious past and religious upbringing

Sadly we said goodbye to Greg as he left Strictly over the weekend.

However, in his new autobiography ‘Unexpected’, Greg has revealed some shocking stories.

Mainly he boozed, smoked and stayed out until 5am aged just 12 to rebel against his bizarre childhood and religious parents.

Greg’s family are all Jehovah Witnesses and his new autobiography has revealed what it was like to be brought up in that toxic environment.

London’s Olympic golden boy has revealed that he endured years of smacking from his Jehovah Witness parents.

He also comments in his book that their rules and punishments resulted in him staying out all night, breaking into buildings and living life on the edge.

Greg recalls, I would have been about five years old when I realised my family were different.

All my school friends were looking forward to something called Christmas and getting presents from someone called Father Christmas.

But when I asked my parents about it, I was told it was just not something that we do, and it was made clear I should not bring the subject up again.

Greg went on to explain their reaction was the same when it came to birthdays.

Celebrating birthday’s was banned and so was attending other people’s parties because it was against my parents’ faith.

No Easter celebrations either as it isn’t mentioned in The Bible.

Greg always tried to convince his mum to let him attend parties but it never worked. The first time I went to a birthday party I was in my late teens.

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