Do you remember Mama June? Well, she has spent over £41,000 on plastic surgery to achieve her new look…

The reality TV matriarch has spent over £41,000 on plastic surgery to achieve her dream size 8 figure.

Shockingly, £17,000 of that was on slicing off excess arm and neck skin. The pageant mum has dropped a staggering amount of weight for her new reality show ‘Not To Hot’.

Mama June shocked her fans last month by revealing she has dropped from 33 stone to a slim size eight, after undergoing gastric sleeve surgery.

Entertainment Tonight claims that in total the mum-of-four is predicted to have spent close to £41,000. Fans won’t see her new look until the end of the new show, it is set to air in around a month’s time.

She is thought to have spent £13,600 on a gastric sleeve, £4,000 on a breast lift, £8,000 on a tummy tuck and £17,000 on removing excess skin.

Mama June has also lost a lot of weight thanks to her personal trainer Kenya Crooks.

Kenya has revealed that Mama June has lost an impressive two stone each month during her fitness transformation.

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