Remember Myspace Tom? This is what he’s up to now!

Remember Myspace Tom? Of course you do! Our first ever cyber friend from back in the day

Well since we all moved on from Myspace to newer and better forms of social media, Tom Anderson, who co-founded Myspace has turned 45 and is now a photographer who is “enjoying being retired”.

It sounds like he’s living the high life.

Anderson helped to develop and launch the social networking site back in 2003. Every user who signed up to the site was automatically made a friend of his.

He ended up leaving Myspace in 2009, four years after selling the company to Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp for an estimated $580 million.

Now a multi-millionaire, Anderson is thought to be worth around $60 million. Not bad. He now spends his days travelling the world taking stunning photographs.

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