Scientists Discover Way To Make Alcohol Healthy For Your Liver

Chinese scientists have come up with a way to potentially make alcohol healthier.

Scientists at the Chinese Academy of Sciences’ Institute for Nutritional Sciences in Shanghai claim to have discovered a gene found in humans and animals that helps turn alcohol into glycogen rather than fat. This makes it healthier for your liver.

They experimented on lab rats and according to the study, they discovered that if you strengthened the gene (PPP1R3G) that you could use it to turn alcohol to glycogen when in the rodents’ livers, which massively reduced the fat build up.

Lead scientist professor Chen Yan was quoted as saying “Our findings shed new light on the issue of drinking. It can lead to the development of new medicines that can reduce the negative health effects of alcohol.”

Glycogen stores the energy in the liver and muscles compared to fat being stored in the body which can be much more harmful.

Landlord, Pour Us a Few Pints

The discovery could lead to alcohol being reformatted as pills that will boost the gene. Yen claims it is a much healthier fuel for the body.

A few months back it was reported that scientists had discovered a natural protein in the brain that could stop binge drinking and help cure alcoholism. The American scientists found that the compound Neuropeptide Y is in a part of the brain which is linked to stress and reward. When mimicking the actions of NPY, they were able to suppress binge alcohol drinking in mice.

It seems a long way off, but who knows, maybe drinking alcohol could help and not harm your liver.

Information found via Business Insider.

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