This is why you shouldn’t eat those weird green crisps!

We’ve all encountered a green crisp at some point in our lives, and we tend to stay away from them and rightly so.

But why are they green and are they actually harmful?

According to Channel 4 programme, Food Unwrapped, the reason some of your crisps may be an unappetizing green colour is due to the chemical chlorophyll.

This is the chemical that makes most plants green and is used by them to absorb sunlight, in a process called photosynthesis.

Matt Tebbutt, the show’s co-presenter explained that although potatoes normally grow underground, parts of them grow above the ground which causes them to turn green when exposed to sunlight.


So are they safe to eat?

Chlorophyll can also contain solanine. This is a toxin that in moderate doses can cause nausea, diarrhoea, vomiting, and in extremely severe cases paralysis and even death.

If you eat a lot of green crisps then you’re not going to feel very well.

Don’t be too alarmed though if you do eat a rogue green crisp by accident because you should be absolutely fine. On average you would have to eat a whole green potato to really cause yourself some serious health issues.