Would you still eat your favourite foods if logos were replaced by calorie counts?

There’s nothing wrong with indulging in takeaways and sweets every now and then, but what if you knew quite how many calories you were chucking back?

Would you still eat them knowing just how bad something is for you?

A mini tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream or eating Nutella straight from the jar, we’ve all done it. And despite knowing its bad for us, we tend to ignore just how many calories we’re eating.



Calorie Brands have taken some much loved foods, and replaced the logos with their calorific content.

Take a little look at some of these foods below and see if it makes you feel any different about binging!

Remember, the maximum daily calorie allowance is 2500 for a man and 2000 for a woman.

Would you like to see how many calories there are in foods that you buy and consume? Would it make a difference as to whether or not you eat something, if you could clearly see how many you were consuming?

Some of these may shock you…

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