Struggling to get into the Christmas spirit? These 10 things will make you feel festive AF!

So it’s December and Christmas is ever looming but if you’re not filled with Christmas cheer then there is no need to worry!

Try our top ten things to get you into the Christmas spirit…

1. Buy an advent calendar 

Frankly, you are never going to feel festive if you aren’t doing some kind of Christmas countdown!

With so many kinds of advents today you really have no excuse not to partake. Whether you love alcohol or you’re a chocoholic, if you love traditional pictures or the stratification of burning a candle each day.

Advent calendars really help to get you into the spirit of the big day. (Basically, you’re rewarded for no reason: Win, win.)


2. Decorate (EVERYWHERE)

Make the most of signing up to Amazon Prime for free.

Order every kind of decoration you need, with free next day delivery whether it’s essentials like a Christmas tree or some snow globes and stockings.

Your possibilities really are endless, so get decorating now! (Check out the world’s most OBSESSED Christmas decorators)


3. Christmas Party 

A party will never fail in getting you excited for Christmas, or at the very least you’re able to be extremely drunk.

Try not to embarrass yourself too much, though!


4. Have a Christmas movie marathon with your friends 

After putting up your Christmas decorations, it’s time to watch every Christmas movie in existence.

Invite your friends round and make a day of it. Watch some classics like Home Alone, Elf and Love Actually.

And don’t forget the snacks, popcorn and chocolate is a must in situations like this.

See where Christmas Movie Child Stars are now! And check out classic Christmas TV!

christmas movies buddy the elf christmas movie christmas blog christmas films

5. Find, buy and wear a HIDEOUS Christmas jumper and wear it to work EVERY single day

Sometimes when nothing else works, you have to fake it til you make it.

If you look festive then gradually you’ll start to feel more festive, soon you’ll be cracking out those classic carols and the rest will be history.

You’ll be spoilt for choice on Amazon!

chicago ugly sweater ugly christmas sweater

6. Decorate your desk at work

Go full out with decorating your desk at work. The biggest Christmas lights, mounds of tinsel and a nodding Santa Claus.

Everyone will soon flock and admire your magical desk grotto.

christmas december christmas lights decorations

7. Swap everyday items for festive alternatives 

Decorations aren’t enough. If you really need to feel Christmassy then try Mulled Spice Scented toilet roll from Tesco. Sainsbury’s and Waitrose and selling similar smelly themed items like washing up liquid and more.

Don’t hold back now.








8. Christmas lights

Christmas lights always bring a magical feeling whether your 5 or 85 there is something special about them!

Whether your local town has put up some lovely lights or your neighbours battle out for the best display. There’s nothing like the

There’s nothing like lights to help bring festive cheer.

christmas christmas lights

9. Christmas Shopping

By doing your Christmas shopping early there is less stress left for the big day.

Get some amazing bargains before prices increase. Check out the best Christmas Toys available this year!

HULU abc blackish santa claus christmas shopping

10. Buy Mistletoe

Finally, if nothing else has helped to get you into the Christmas spirit why not try some classic mistletoe.

(It doesn’t even have to be real).

After all, nothing quite says Christmas like a cheeky kiss under the mistletoe does it now?

HULU tv nbc scrubs mistletoe

Last resort: watch this video OVER and OVER until Christmas Day. (If that doesn’t make you smile, then nothing will.)

christmas lights merry christmas christmas tree christmas lights