This Water Bottle Tells You When You’re Dehydrated

Technology is constantly moving forward and with the advancement of tracking devices such as Fitbit, it was only a matter of time before drinking habits were incorporated into health conscious gadgets.

HidrateMe water bottles emit a glow when it senses that you might be dehydrated. The smart bottle has been developed by former analyst Nadya Nguyen and her team. The bottle uses a sensor and smartphone app to act as a handy aid to check that you’re at your best health.


It comes with a free Bluetooth-syncing app which tracks how much water you drink throughout the day and also estimates how much you should be drinking based on factors such as your height, weight, location, elevation and humidity. It also has the ability to connect to your Fitbit if you own one to account for any loss of water during exercise throughout the day.

The Kickstarter campaign which hoped to raise $35,000 has already amassed $200,000. Bottles start at $39 and are expected to start reaching customers towards the end of this year.

We often forget during the day or when exercising that keeping ourselves hydrated is essential. This new smart water bottle will help you realise how good you could feel.