Are you the “Undateable Girl”? Check out the signs and how you can fix it!

If you often seem to find fault with pretty much every guy you date, there may be a reason why!

You most likely have the “undateable girl” syndrome, but don’t worry there is hope for your love life yet.

Many girls choose to be single and enjoy everything which goes along with that. Others may not be aware they are putting themselves in the ‘undateable’ zone.

Plus, several girls are in plain denial about finding the perfect guy. I hate to break it but Prince Charming isn’t real.

Here are seven signs you are the ‘undateable girl’ and how to fix it!


You find a fault with every guy. 

So you’re picky is there really anything wrong with that?

However, you need to remember to cut guys some slack (just sometimes, okay?) If not the right guy might come along and you’ll miss him!

You have a list of expectations you want him to match, instead of seeing his cute little quirks.

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You may have emotional issues, sharing way too much too soon.

A little reminder not to be that awkward emotional girl, you know the one you seeing crying on a night out, oversharing everything?

Yeah, don’t be her.

Instead exude a sense of mystery, leaving him curious and wanting to find out more about you.

Never really all your cards, keep some feelings back or chances are he will run away.

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You love single life.

To be honest, being single can be downright fabulous.

The freedom you have is fantastic, your friends are your life and nothing gets in-between you.

Although, being undateable forever can be an extremely lonely life. Especially, when all your friends are suddenly in serious relationships and your left alone.

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You love your career. 

Your job is your life and you LOVE it. However, it is important not to be career focused 24/7.

A guy will probably find your success intimidating and think you don’t have time for him, it’s about finding the right balance.

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