Victoria Beckham has admitted having plastic surgery and regrets lying about it

In a recent letter to her 18-year-old self for British Vogue, Victoria Beckham has revealed her regret of past cosmetic surgery.

The letter itself is full of advice and warnings for what was to come in the life of someone who has achieved both fame and fortune.

She tells her younger self to worry less what others think, to believe in herself and keep going even when it’s hard. Also to chill a bit when it comes to her body.

At one point she even alludes to getting plastic surgery done on her breasts and calls herself “stupid” for denying it.

Victoria writes: “Instead, learn to embrace your imperfections – that is what I want to tell you.’

‘Let your skin breathe; wear less make-up. (And don’t ever let that make-up artist shave your eyebrows! The effects last forever.)’

‘You will always be addicted to Elnett hairspray but you will tone it down. Less of the ‘Hello! I just got stuck in a wind tunnel,’ please.’

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