Woman gets caught cheating with her boss on work trip after sending saucy selfies to her boyfriend

A cheating woman was caught out by her suspicious boyfriend after she sent him a series of saucy selfies.

Eagle-eyed Liam was sent the snaps by his girlfriend Jackie while she was away on a business trip in Atlanta, but she wasn’t quite as smooth as she thought.

He was already suspicious that she was cheating on him, and he quickly spotted a suitcase in her room which wasn’t hers.

When he saw the striped bag in her snap, he knew it was time to get the truth out of her, asking her if she was alone.

Liam asked for her room number, when his frustrated girlfriend replied: “1422. Not this again, just call my room number if you don’t believe me.”


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Instead of doing that, he went one step further. Click next to read on!

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