Woman spends summer partying in Magaluf, only finds out she’s pregnant when she goes into labour!

A holiday rep who gave birth after a summer of boozing it up and partying, didn’t even realise she was pregnant.

The party animal from Manchester was enjoying herself on the party island of Magaluf when she received the shock of her life.

It was only when Lindsey Howe, 23, began experiencing severe stomach pains that she took a trip to the doctors.

Lindsey wasn’t experiencing many other pregnancy symptoms and was still having regular periods, but was told she was having contractions.

At 31 weeks pregnant, she quickly realised she must have fallen pregnant before travelling out to Magaluf.


Speaking to The Sun she revealed: “I said it wasn’t possible, it couldn’t be…

“Everything was normal really. I didn’t put any weight on, I still had periods and I didn’t have any morning sickness.


“The only thing I had noticed was I felt more tired. I just thought I was tired after work or nights out so I’d been going home earlier.”

The 23-year-old has been heavily drinking and smoking 15 cigarettes a day throughout the pregnancy.


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