Women’s March: A powerful collection of photos from around the globe

Over the weekend women marched around the globe for the Women’s March.

Initially, the plan was to march on Washington DC to protest the election and subsequent inauguration of President Donald Trump.

Since the initial conception of the plan marches were organised worldwide.

A number of celebrities got involved too showing their support for the Women’s March, including America Ferrera, Ashley Judd, Jake Gyllenhaal, Julianne Moore, Emma Watson, Madonna and Katy Perry making appearances in the nation’s capital.

Photographs soon began flooding in from around the globe with some amazing signs and support.

The turnout was inspiring and historic and the sheer amount of people in certain locations caused problems for marchers as the crowd became too large to formally march together.

Though Donald is president of the United States only his messages of hate and misogyny affect and influence treatment of women around the world.

The nasty women of the world will not be silenced.

Washington DC, USA


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Boston, USA

New York, USA

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