Did you have a classic Nokia or Motorola? They could be worth a small fortune now!

Remember your old Nokia brick or Motorola phones? Of course you do! Well they could be worth a small fortune now if they’re in good condition.

Some classic phones from the late nineties and early noughties are selling for a sizeable sum online, according to The Mirror.

According to research undertaken by Talkmobile, 56.8 per cent of people have a retro handset hidden away somewhere that could be worth a ‘small fortune’.

Here’s a breakdown of what some specific phones are going for!


Nokia 3310: £10-£55

Motorola Razr V3: £15-£60

Motorola StarTAC: £30-£100

Sony Ericsson W88i: £30-£50

HTC One: £40-£50

Nokia 9000 Communicator: £50-£500

Nokia N95: £60-£90

Apple iPhone 2G: £150-£1000

Motorola DynaTAC: £1,000-£3,000

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