Domino’s worker spotted stocking up on bags of £1 Asda wedges for takeaway side

A Domino’s worker has been caught bulk buying cheap supermarket potato wedges before selling them on to customers at £3.49.

The staff member was caught on camera with around 15 bags lined up on the conveyor belt.

Twitter user Sinead Sarah shared her snap on Twitter, writing: “Thank you @dominos – next time I spend £3.49 on [a] tiny portion of potato wedges I’ll remember there from Asda!!! [sic]”

The tweet has since been liked over 15,000 times.

The photo has caused a backlash from angry customers.

One admitted: “I feel so betrayed.”

Another said: “My boyfriend used to work there. They’d send staff out to Aldi for them when they ran out.”

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