MPs to debate if shops should be banned from opening on Boxing Day

A senior MP has called for retail stores to be banned from opening on Boxing Day as Parliament prepare to finally debate the matter.

Helen Jones of the Labour party, who also chairs the Petitions Committee, said that the current system of Boxing Day sales exploits lower paid workers and deprives them of time with their families over the festive period.

A petition which wants all retail shops to close on Boxing Day will be debated in Westminster Hall after it racked up 140,000 signatures.

The government’s response to the petition said it is not for them to tell businesses how best to run their shops and that they will not be proposing a ban.

Jones however has said that evidence submitted to the petitions committee’s online forum has convinced her that the Government should take action.

She mentioned that staff face problems with public transport and childcare around Christmas, also claiming that added pay had virtually disappeared for those working in the retail sector throughout the festive period.


Speaking to the Press Association she said: “I went from feeling quite indifferent about Boxing Day openings to believing it does exploit very low paid workers, who often have to work late on Christmas Eve to get the shops ready and then have to go in very early on Boxing Day morning.”

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