Kit Harrington answers the ultimate question on Radio 1…

SPOILER ALERT! I repeat SPOILER ALERT! If you don’t want to find out how Game of Thrones ends then stop reading immediately.

This morning Game Of Thrones’ very own Kit Harrington, aka Jon Snow, was on Radio 1 to promote his new play Doctor Faustus. Whilst he was keen to talk about his West End debut, all the questions he fielded were of course about one thing: Game Of Thrones.

The first caller, Brynn, confessed her love for both Kit and GoT before asking “Will you [Jon Snow] be kicking Ramsey Bolton’s butt?”, however media trained Kit was reluctant to answer Brynn stating:

“Well I can’t really say… even if you say the opposite, they read into that, so I just avoid it…”

Second caller, self-confessed biggest Kit Harrington fan Ashley from Derbyshire, was not put off by Kit’s reluctance to answer Brynn’s question and went in headfirst asking?

“Do Jon and Sansa meet with Arya this series?”

Despite her love for him, Kit easily batted away Ashley’s question answering “That’s an interesting theory, I can’t tell you…”

This all seemed too easy for Kit, who had obviously been avoiding answering Game Of Thrones questions since starting the series five years ago. When it seemed all was lost, Nick Grimshaw was able to save the day by convincing tight-lipped Kit to reveal the ultimate question…

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