Digging holes in the sand at the beach could be deadly…here’s why

The coastguard is sending out warnings to people that holes on the beach can become death traps. There has already been one fatality in the UK.

Digging holes on the beach is something we’ve all done as kids, maybe even as adults.

Emergency services are now warning beach-goers that although it seems like a perfectly harmless exercise, it could have potentially fatal consequences.

The Coastguard is asking people to avoid the beach activity over fears that people could fall into the holes and get trapped under loose sand.

There are fears that large amounts of sand surrounding someone’s body could even cause suffocation.


Back in 2005, three-year-old Abbie Livingstone-Nurse died after falling into a hole dug under the sand at the high tide mark at Upper Towans Beach in Hayle, Cornwall.


Lifeguards rushed to the scene, where the girl had become trapped in the five feet deep pit as she was playing with her brother.

In a similar case back in 2014, Isabel Grace Franks, aged 9, was digging a pit at an Oregon beach in America when it caved in, suffocating her to death.


British Coastguards are now taking the potential dangers that much more seriously that they’re carrying out regular training exercises. The image below shows Coastguards trying to dig someone out of a hole on a beach in Somerset.

This-is-why-you-should-not-dig-holes-on-beaches--could-be-fatal This-is-why-you-should-not-dig-holes-on-beaches-could-be-fatal


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