Disturbing new ‘Eraser Challenge’ sees school kids rub the skin off their arms using a rubber

A disturbing new trend is gathering pace on social media, which encourages school children to use an eraser to rub at their skin while reciting the alphabet.

The ‘Eraser Challenge’ which is also known as the ABC Game is apparently won by the person who ends up with the biggest wound.

The stupid game first reared its head last year as kids began sharing their wounds on social media. It has grown in recent weeks, with many people also combining it with the salt and ice challenge.

This involved school children putting salt and ice on their skin which causes a chemical reaction, which lowers the temperature of the ice to -17 degrees Celsius. The idea is to see how long people can withstand the pain which leaves a burn similar to frostbite.

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This new challenge is causing fresh concern for parents as the number of images being shared is on the rise.

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