“I never thought we’d forgive each other” Stephanie Davis has SPOKEN out about her reunion with Jeremy McConell!

Stephanie Davis has finally broken her silence on reuniting with her ex-boyfriend Jeremey McConnell.

Following the birth of their son, Caben-Albi. The pair have reunited after their disastrous split last year, where Jeremy doubted he was the baby’s dad.



The couple are now co-parenting for the sake of their baby boy. Stephanie commented:

“I never thought we’d forgive each other,” the actress admitted. “But Caben changed everything.”

“If someone told me a few months ago that Jeremy and I would be on speaking terms I would have laughed in their face.”

“I never thought that we would be able to forgive each other for what has gone on in the past, but having Caben around has changed everything.”

“We have both done a lot of growing up, we’re not the same people we were and are trying our best to co-parent as much as we can in order to be good parents to our son.”

The former reality star admitted even though they are close again the pair aren’t a couple just yet!

“No we’re not back together,” she admitted.

“We’re just taking it day by day – I don’t know what the future holds. Our priority at the present time is to provide what’s best for Caben.

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