Mother warns parents over sick new Snapchat bullying game ‘Letter X’

A mother has warned parents about a shocking new bullying ‘game’ which is being played on Snapchat, encouraging kids to bully each other.

Rachel Hambleton, 34, who blogs under the name Part-Time Working Mummy decided to make other parents aware of the dangers of this sick new ‘game’.

The ‘game’ consists of someone sending the letter X to another child on the social app Snapchat. That person then replied with the name of the victim.

Anyone playing then targets the victim with as many insults as possible, reportedly targeting their weight, appearance and personality.

In a Facebook post she revealed that her daughter was left upset and confused when she found out about the game, and that she had “not been able to stop thinking about it all day.”

Rachel’s 12-year-old daughter Betsy refused to take part.

Picture: Facebook/ Part- Time Working Mummy

In the post to her daughter, she expressed:

“Too many children have committed suicide over the world due to bullying. Too many children have chosen to put ropes round their necks or swallowed too many pills because they feel the only way out is to kill themselves than continue to cope with the sheer devastation that bullying brings into their worlds”

“You couldn’t understand why people you know and like were doing this and repeatedly showed me various names and comments whilst in shock about what was being written about them.

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