Parents claim regular spa visits improves their babies health and development (Plus, it’s adorable!)

After a long day, sometimes all you need is a warm bath and a relaxing massage, especially if you are a baby…

Well a baby spa in Perth, Western Australia offers high-class hydrotherapy and massages exclusively for clients under 6 months old.



These adorable baths include their own patented flotation device named the Bubby. Frankly, making these min-baths too adorable for words.

Not only are these baths relaxing for tots but they often help to prepare them for swimming lessons. Recently, photos from the spa have gone viral online leaving everyone feeling slightly fuzzier.

Baby fever is breaking out, with 18.6k followers now following Baby Spa Perth on Instagram.




















Though this spa is thought to be the first of its kind in Australia, it is seemingly popular and joins a line of international franchises. The Spas founder Laura Sevenus, operates baby spas in England, South Africa and Spain.




















Babies are able to kick and float around to their heart’s content in a warm bath with soft waves.

Flotation device the Bubby, keeps little ones comfy and safe!

Not only is this frankly adorable but it is fantastic for babies health. Whilst in the water babies can move freely and this helps to develop their muscle and bone strength.




















Sensations they experience prepare them for swimming lessons and even walking.

Plus sometimes even the newest of people need to chill and relax!




















After having their baths, the babies are given a gentle massage with grape seed oil, which moisturises their skin.

Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming!