Pensioner puts young boy in arm lock on train after he refused to take feet off seats

This is the shocking moment a pensioner puts a young boy in an arm lock after a boy on a train refused to take his feet off the seats in font.

Images that have been shared on social media, show the child being pushed across the seating, while the man holds his arm behind his back.

British Transport Police are investigating the claims that the elderly man assaulted the young boy on a train to Manchester.

The boy had apparently been travelling with two other youngsters aged between 8 and 11, without any adults.

It is thought that the children had been sat with their feet on the seats and were approached by the man who asked them to put them down.

One student who was in the carriage at the time said that the kids refused. “They were being quite cocky,”  he said.

He added: “He threatened them with a clip around the ear and then went and sat back down.

“The children then put their feet back up and wouldn’t take them down.”

After the image was circulated around social media, Twitter user @Szy-Sefton claimed to be on the train at the time and said: “Kids were badly behaved and no parents, but only about 8 to 10 years. Man acted like US cop. Kid crying.”

People commented on the Mail Online website had conflicting views on the incident.

One user said: “Don’t think the kids are going to get much sympathy. Imagine what they will be like when they are older!”

Another said: “Disgraceful behaviour by a man who should know better. What a way to behave in public.”

Somebody else said: “Simply put, both were in the wrong. Kids need to learn respect, the old man should know better.”