Pregnant Danielle Lloyd shares adorable baby scan as she prepares to welcome her fourth child!

Danielle has also set up her own blog on OK! Magazine, where she has shared her decision to get placenta plus pills after her latest baby is born.

She commented:

“I still don’t know what i’m having, that won’t be for another four weeks, but my fiancé Michael’s convinced it’s a girl.

“I just don’t know, to be honest I don’t mind what we have, neither of us do, but I just don’t want to start getting my hopes up thinking it’s a girl when it’s not, I’m just going to wait to find out.

“We definitely want to know the sex though, because we want to plan and get stuff ready and go shopping!”

She has also revealed that her 3 boys would really love a sister. She went on to explain:

“Initially I thought I’d love a little girl, but now I’m pregnant I know that whatever we have, because it’s mine and Michael’s first, it will be special.”

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