NOW TV lets you create your own personal combo to keep everyone happy!

The NOW TV combo is here!

NOW TV offers broadband and a smart box. All with no contract, from just £9.99 a month, plus £17.99 line rental. You beauty! But what does that include?

Super reliable, unlimited broadband gives you three flexible speed options, including:

Brilliant broadband – Up to 17 mbps (mega-bits per second)

Fab fibre – Up to 38 mbps

Super fibre – Up to 76 mbps

All broadband options are uncapped, so there will be no out of the blue charges.

It has the best TV shows, movies and live sport on offer too, just in time for the new Premier League season!


The NOW TV Smart Box even gives you all the Freeview channels plus your favourite pay TV channels all in one place!

Catch up on the shows you’ve missed, with BBC iPlayer, 5 on demand, channel 4 and ITV Hub, not to mention loads of amazing apps!

NOW TV gives you four different passes to choose from, with an option to pick & mix! Alternatively, choose one of the passes and start watching instantly without a contract.

Entertainment Month Pass – Must see TV programs you won’t find on Freeview


Sky Cinema Month Pass – Big Box Office movies!


Sky Sports Month Pass – Seven sensational live Sky Sports channels


You can now even get an extra 10% off a day Sports Pass, a week Sports Pass, and a month Sports Pass! 


NOW TV Kids Month Pass – Awesome box sets and six colourful channels


Just plug in and watch awesome TV and free channels straight away. You can even pause and rewind live TV!

Choose the NOW TV passes you want to make the combo your own! The No Contract option lets you dip in and out! You can try other passes whenever you want.

So what are you waiting for!? The NOW TV Combo puts you in charge! Get TV, broadband, the NOW TV Smart Box and calls, all without a contract!