7 Ways To Learn How To Love Running

Running is hard, it’s tiring, it’s lonely and one of the hardest things is taking that first step out of the door. Relationships with running are often “complicated”, but there are many ways in which you can make running enjoyable for you. Whether you’re just beginning or have run lots of marathons before, these tips will hopefully make running a more enjoyable experience. Whilst running, it can often open up your mind and ease your stresses as you focus on your stride and pace and enjoy the surroundings, as well as help to improve your health and fitness.

1. Tune Out


Running with music can stop your brain from getting overwhelmed with anxiety of running a distance that you set yourself. It takes your mind off the task at hand. It can help to stop you from getting tired and push through the barriers in your mind. Make sure to vary the music you listen to, as you’ll more than likely end up running to the beat of the song.


2. Running Partner


Running with somebody else can always be helpful. Motivation is key and when you have somebody running alongside you to help push you and the other way round, running can be made more fun and also social.

It’s important to make sure that your partner is of a similar ability to you, this will aid in you reaching your potential and to help improve confidence. You want to make sure that you can rely on this person to help push you along.


3. Join a Club


Training in groups can be extremely beneficial. The group will all be trying to achieve similar targets, and everyone will be there for similar reasons, the support and social aspect will really help to push you every step of the way. You’re normally committed to running at a certain time on a certain day throughout the week.


4. Running In Circles



I don’t mean just running round in circles… making sure that you have a circuit to run will be helpful, it will give you the opportunity for a pit stop, giving you a chance to help re-fuel or change clothes if needed if the weather turns. The only down side to this, is that circling over and over again may become boring. A variety of scenery will be much more pleasant.


5. Set a Goal


Setting a goal each time you run will help you to improve – Even if it’s to run to the next lamppost each time. It will be a good marker to help you to see how much you’re improving and give you the motivation to smash your targets!


6. Get The Right Gear!


Running can be a painful experience if you aren’t wearing the right trainers for you! Nobody likes blisters and cuts, which will make running less enjoyable and stop any routine that you may have built up. Many sports stores and running shops will be able to advise you about what is the right fit for you.


7. Push Yourself to Compete


Applying for local fun runs and 10k races will also give you another target to achieve. Surrounding yourself with other people who may be running for good causes, will help to drag you through. You can also help raise some money for charity at the same time. It’s likely to lift your spirits and leave you feeling accomplished at the finish line!

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