Adam Peaty wins Team GB’s first gold at Rio!!

Adam Peaty has done it!

Peaty stormed to victory in Rio de Janeiro winning Team GB’s first gold medal of the 2016 Olympic Games. A massive congratulations to Adam Peaty!

He smashed it beating his own World Record with a new time of 57.13 in the 100m breaststroke at Rio 2016. Unstoppable Peaty has now broken 2 World Records in 2 days at the Games.

As amazing as his achievements are, the person everyone wants to know more about is his grandmother- Mavis Williams. Possibly Peaty’s biggest fan, located 6,000 miles away in Sheffield. Her reaction was recorded by several news sources and she certain has stolen the spotlight! Labelled as #OlympicNan, she tweeted her congratulations to the 21-year-old swimming sensation and his GB team-mates.

A big thumbs up from Mavis!


The 74-year-old stayed up into the early hours of Monday morning to watch her grandson win Britain’s first Olympic gold in men’s swimming for decades and the first Team GB medal of the games.

After he scooped gold – and smashed his own world record for the second time in two days – she proudly told her 3,400 followers: ‘My Grandson has done it.’

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Mavis has also earned herself the title of World’s #1 Nan! Statistics from Google reveal that Peaty’s Nan has been the world’s #1 searched Nan- Cool huh? #OlympicNan

Watch her reaction to Adam Peaty winning here.

Peaty has won every major 100m race he’s competed in since the summer of 2014. He’s one of those cold-blooded sorts, rare in British sport, who hardly seem to feel the heat. As he says, “I enjoy racing because I want to do it. No one’s forcing me. What’s the worst that could happen? You’re going to come second?”


More records have fallen in the Olympic pool with Phelps collecting his 19th gold medal. This means he is now the most decorated Olympian of all time! Pretty impressive-huh?

The last time any British man won an Olympic swimming gold was in 1988.