Cycle Ball Has To Be One Of The Hardest Sports Ever!

You have to love a sport fusion, but this cross between cycling and football might take some practicing. It isn’t a sport you usually see, but you definitely won’t forget it!

There are no brakes on the bike, and you’re only allowed to control the ball using the bike itself and your head, unless you’re defending the goal. It is the same concept as traditional football.

A standard cycle-ball match consists of two periods of 7 minutes each and there is a 2 minute half-time break between halves.

Cycle ball has been around longer than you might have first imagined. It was introduced in 1893 by German-American, Nicholas Edward Kaufmann, with the first world championships being played in 1929.

The unusual sport is popular in Austria, Germany, Belgium and Japan.

We’d like to see it played with unicycles or a penny farthing!

Take a look at this clip of Cycle ball match between Germany and Switzerland. What do you think, would you give it a try?

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