Former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand donates £500,000 worth of toys to charity this Christmas

The former Manchester United star Rio Ferdinand has made Christmas come early found thousands of children after pledging £500,000 of toys and gifts to a children’s charity.

He posted on his official Facebook page that he and his Rosso Restaurant hoped to “put a smile on local kids’ faces this Christmas.”

The generous donation was announced live on air to Cash for Kids, the official charity of Manchester radio station Key 103.

Ferdinand told the station: “Christmas is a time when families want to get each other presents and there are obviously people that are less fortunate than we are so we want to try and help them and donate £500,000 worth of toys.”

He added: “As a father myself I couldn’t see children going without opening a present this Christmas day.

“We’re not looking for a thank you, we’re just trying to help people out.”

The massive delivery was made to the charity’s warehouse last week and the toys will now be handed out to children in poverty around Manchester.

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