Blind dog and his own guide dog need a home!

The tale of a blind dog and his own guide dog will melt your heart! The incredible pair made up of Glenn a fully blind Jack Russell terrier and his seeing eye guide Buzz, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier were found in a tunnel in Hartlepool, Northern England and have stayed by each others side ever since.

The duo have mad it clear that they can’t live apart from each other as Glenn needs Buzz to guide him around. From finding his food for him to making sure Glenn sleeps in his kennel at night. They are currently being kept safe and loved at Stray Aid rescue centre in Durham but the centre are hoping to find a loving home for the two as soon as possible. Glenn and Buzz are believed to be around 10 years old and are looking for a quiet home where they can play together with a dutiful owner. For more information visit

Here are some adorable photos of the two of them that are sure to make you believe in the power of animal friendships!





dog 2



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