Gareth Bale protected by armed guards after fiancé’s glamour model cousin goes missing with £1 million

Armed police has guarded Gareth Bale’s Spanish hotel room after his family in Wales had their homes and cars torched by drug gangs.

Cars belonging to the family of Emma Rhys-Jones have been torched with petrol being poured into another family members’ home.

It is thought that the actions are part of a feud with a drugs gang involving her cousin Epiphany Dring.

The former glamour model has disappeared and is allegedly carrying a suitcase full of £300,000 in cash along with drugs and watches worth up to £700,000.

Emma, 25, has been told that security around her and 27-year-old footballer Bale has been “reviewed”.


She is reportedly “scared stiff” that the couple’s £2million mansion is next on the hit list.

According to The Sun, three armed guards stood outside Bale’s room at the hotel Real Madrid were staying at ahead of their league game against Las Palmas.

¿ Ian Whittaker. 24/09/2016 Am armed policemen stands watch outside Gareth Bale's Hotel door last night after his family was targeted by arsonists. Real Madrid player was staying in the Gran Canaria Hotel as the spanish team play Las Palmas tonight. Photo credit : Ian Whittaker


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