Rio 2016: Olympic pool turns green and no one knows why!

The Olympics have been full of incredible sporting talent and controversial moments so far, but it’s the events at the Aquatic Centre in Rio de Janeiro that has really got people talking in the last couple of days.

Why has the Olympic diving pool turned green?

The two pools had been the same colour on Monday, and speculation over what has caused the change has been rife on social media.

Some have suggested that the water may not have been treated properly overnight, which could have caused a drop in chlorine levels.

Others have suggested that urine could have been the cause.

British diver Tonia Couch, who finished fifth alongside Lois Toulson said: “I’ve never dived in anything like it.”

“We noticed it in the warm-up and then by the competition it was even more green.”

Athletes have said that the colour of the water has made it easier to spot where the surface was while in the air.


It is not currently known what the cause of the change was, but apparently there was no risk to athletes.



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