The 10 best films to help you get through your hangover!

It’s too late to change anything, whats done is done. You drank far too much and now you’re feeling the full effects the morning after. It’s 11am, you’ve just surfaced from your pit covered in god knows what. Last night’s kebab is your only friend and you need help. You need Hollywood’s help to get you through this beast of a hangover. Here are the 10 best films to help you get through your hangover!

Firstly here are a few hangover film rules:

Blood and gore are a massive no, you and your stomach cannot be dealing with that.

Tread lightly with action films, yeah seeing guns and violence will boost your spirit but that loud volume wont help the pounding in your head.

Don’t worry about length, come on lets face it, you’re not going anywhere and the less you have to move to change discs the better.

Absolutely no films with scenes of excessive alcohol intake!

Next time you go out make sure one of these are ready and loaded in your DVD player!

#10 Ghostbusters


Bill Murray is without doubt a comic hero and this is arguably his finest comedic performance. This film will ease you out of your hangover and although there a few mildly scary bits, there is nothing to turn the stomach. Enjoy the banter between the busters and salivate imagining what it would be like to eat the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!



Something from the calming silent collection to help you in early stages of your emergence. A good looking film which increases its sound and dialogue as the film goes, almost perfectly matching your hangover experience. You can drift in and out so you can check all the horrific messages you sent the night before.

#8 Anchorman


An all time classic and a must watch any day but especially during a hangover. Will Ferrell and the news team will assemble to give you the laughs you need to lift your spirits. The upbeat 70’s soundtrack will also get your feet tapping but may bring some memories of the shapes you were pulling last night.

#7 Mean Girls


This classic teen comedy is perfect film for getting over the hangover and actually questioning the group of friends you spent a night out with. If after watching this film you still want to see any of your friends, you will want to text them to dish the gossip on your fellow clubbers. Seeing Lindsay Lohan before her breakdown will put you off the wild life for a while. Your wallet and liver will be very grateful.

#6 The Hangover


An absolute must watch for your hangover, if for no other reason than you will count your blessings that you didn’t end up in their position. The film sees the group having it large for a stag do and then much like the franchise itself things go downhill quickly. You can trust this film to deliver laughs, quotes and just enough action to raise you from your slumber. Your hangover was bad “but did you die?”

#5 Lord of the Rings – The Fellowship of the Ring


Following our own rules here and not worrying about time here. You’re going to be in your den for a while and the fellowship will keep you company  for just under 3 hours. There is plenty of action, hobbit humour and Sean Bean surviving… just kidding to keep you entertained.

#4 Die Hard


Not one for the early stages, far too many explosions and swearing for a morning head, but when you’re coming to the end of your hangover and you’ve managed to rustle up some food Die Hard is perfect for taking you over the line back to normality. The blood will pumping and you will feel a million times better!

#3 Back to the Future 


A childhood classic that will make you feel warm and safe in your fragile state. This film only gets better with age and will take you back to time when riding your bike was all you wanted to do on the weekend. Heaps of gags and heartfelt moments will make you want to visit a time when you’re not hung over.

#2 Rocky


There are moments that will make you wince but if you can stomach that then Rocky is perfect. Not only will it get you up and about but you will see how real men settle things rather then the slap fest you saw outside the club. As soon as the first beats of ‘Eye of the Tiger’ start you will be up and air punching no matter how much you had to drink.

#1 The Life of Brian 


There are many comedies on this list but for our number one hangover curing film we have gone to the cream of the crop. The Monty Python boys will have you laughing, quoting and singing your way back to health. Perfect to watch alone or together with the new love of your life who you met the night before, Life of Brian will remind you that no matter how bad you’re feeling to always look on the bright side of life.