Breezy Bolt literally poses for a photo half-way through his 100m Olympic sprint

Usain Bolt became a 3 time gold medalist on Sunday, after he won the 100m sprint. Beating his rivals with an impressive time of 9.81 seconds.

If Bolt defends his 200m and 4 x 100m titles he will soon have 9 Olympic golds by the end of the week!

No other sprinter in the history of the Olympics has managed this. Judging by latest photos released of Bolt’s race he’s enjoying those victories in a cheeky way.

Bolt literally posed for a photo half-way through his 100m Olympic sprint last night. Every other competitor, was straining and trying their best to over take him. These new photos reveal what a breeze it is for Bolt! Or maybe he just likes posing for the camera.

Bolt will be back on Tuesday for the 200m heats, with the final on Friday at 02.30 BST. So he will have to hold celebrations for his gold until then.

The world’s fastest man, the Lightening Bolt- Usain, has revealed his plans to party with Prince Harry after they became friends back in 2012 when Harry toured Jamaica for 4 days on behalf of the Queen. Where the duo even had a race- which Harry won. Although he ‘cheated’ before he crossed the finish line, which the pals found hilarious.

Olympics in London. Bolt has claimed, “I’ll party with Prince Harry and teach him the running man. But only after Rio!”


Usain has revealed his secret to winning- playing Call of Duty on his XBox. It helps him get into the fighting spirit for the games.

He went onto comment, ‘I want to become a legend. To do this I want to defend my Olympic titles and win some more gold medals in the 2016 Games in Brazil.’

Few people are expecting the Lightening Bolt to be dethroned. He hasn’t lost an Olympic race since 2008.

Long may he reign.