Wally The Angora Rabbit Is An Internet Sensation

Warning, cuteness overload!

Rabbits are always pretty adorable and recognizable, but the internet has unearthed possibly the cutest bunny you’ll ever see. Wally, an English Angora rabbit, has become popular across social media after people noticed that he looks more like a puppy than a bunny, with incredibly fluffy ears! He even has over 150 thousand followers on Instagram.

Sadly a lot of Angoras are bred mainly for their long soft wool. They’re calm and docile creatures. Grooming is necessary to help prevent their fur from matting and felting.

Most Angoras have thick coats of fur that make them look like sheep, but Wally’s fur had to be trimmed and he looks awesome.

His owner lets his ears grow, deciding that that was going to be his look!


Images via Instagram Wally & Molly

Here’s a link to a compilation of some of Wally’s Instagram videos.