Bikini model gets x-rated offer after asking strangers to pay for boob job, but that’s not the real reason she’s raising money

A Bikini model got more than she was hoping for when she took the London’s South Bank to ask strangers for money to fund her boob job.

Juliane Snekkestad’s request was met with some mixed reaction in the capital. Many stood and took pictures, while others gave a donation. One man even offered her £1,000 to spend the night with him.

A female passer-by took a different approach when speaking to Juliane, criticising her for wanting to change her appearance.

She said: “It’s not about image, it’s about what’s in you and expressing that and not something that’s only on your body.”

Juliane as well as receiving money from the public was also the subject of a proposition from someone who asked how much she needed to raise.

When she told him her target was £5,000, the guy whose identity was kept hidden replied: “I’ll give you a grand for a night with me.”

Juliane’s actions were all part of a prank which was arranged by YouTuber DengisV.

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