British shopping channel QVC goes VIRAL with this video!

QVC is known for being a hit with the those who spend most of their day at home, watching television. 24 hours a day, people can buy low price jewelry, juicers and tons of other stuff you wouldn’t ever actually think of buying.

This week the channel received more attention then they could ever have expected after a segment of models wearing tight underwear was aired. The section saw two women showing off the latest designs in body control underwear.

Deborah-Ann-Samantha-QVC-UK-Models (1)

The video was uploaded to YouTube and has since had over 700,000 views. It seems that the figure hugging designs and high-waisted briefs have caught the attention of many users and QVC themselves have even commented on the all the attention they have received!


Plenty of ‘Lad’-related sites have drawn attention to the story and the comments section under the video is full of over exciting men enjoying the ladies!

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You can check out the video here: