Whether you are going to a festival for a week, or just for the day, there are some essentials you can’t forget! These are my must have items, with a few on trend pieces if you are going to a festival this summer!

A Backpack

There is nothing worse than having to juggle your phone, your drink, and then having multiple other items to carry, and there is also the issue of a cross body bag knocking you and others when you are jumping around! The solution is a backpack! I have a few including smaller leather-look styles, and bigger canvas backpacks which are great if you have a lot to carry. The beauty of a backpack is that it doesn’t matter if it is bigger and full of all your things, it is on your back and out of the way!



We may be British, but we are obsessed with the changeable weather for a reason! If you are going to a festival in the UK, then there will be rain, there is no way around it! I think pac-a-mac style jackets are just brilliant as they take up next to no space in your bag, but can save your life if the heavens open! You don’t need to break the bank either as there are some great bargains on the high street – I got this one from Primark and it did the job perfectly!


Travel Bottles or Miniatures

This is for if you are staying over at a festival. IIMG-20160719-WA0009 find that wherever you park, or however you arrive, you are guaranteed a very long walk to the camp sites! In my experience, the lighter you can make your bag, the better that muddy journey will be! I found these really cute travel bottles in Topshop, but you can find them everywhere, and this is perfect to fill with your favourite products. The good thing about taking travel sized minis is that hopefully by the end of the weekend you have finished the product, and can throw away the empties to have less to carry on the way home when your exhausted!



The very first thing you need to make sure you have with you are tissues! You are bound to spill a drink, have a sun cream disaster, or just need them for the portaloo – do not go without!!!

Flash Tattoos, Nail Transfers and Glitter

20160716_190514The glitter is a new one for me, but very quickly a fun essential! Last year I got really into flash tattoos and enjoyed wearing them over the summer and at festivals, so this year I took it a step further and also used glitter. This makes getting ready with your friends so much fun, and where else are you going to get away with covering yourself in glitter!?!


Summer Accessories 

Last year it was the flower headband, this year it is definitely the choker! When you are at a festival you might as well go all out and try some new trends, even if they may be out of your comfort zone. I recommend picking up a few accessories from Primark as they are inexpensive and fun. I picked up a headband and choker as I do still love both of these trends, and some cute boho style rings. My mentality is if you lose them or they get ruined, having only spent a few pounds it doesn’t matter, and you can share them out with you friends too!