Holiday season is about to begin, and the stress of packing is imminent! I love to travel, and the best advice I can give to ensure an easy airport experience, and also to make travelling at your destination smooth, is to travel with a carry on case only! I never take hold luggage when I travel, mainly to save money, but also so I don’t have to waste time checking my luggage in, and waiting for it at the carousel when I arrive at my destination. I use a pull along suitcase as my hand luggage, but have a few tips and tricks to help you manage your carry on!

Tip One – Use Packing Cubes!

I have mentioned this before, but I LOVE to use packing cubes. They make the process of packing easy, and keep everything organised which is a must for me! They are relatively cheap and so worth buying. You can pack your clothes in one, underwear in another, random bits and pieces in another, and your good to go! You can even use them for shoes and other things like plug adapters and camera equipment.



Tip Two – Pack a Separate Bag For During The Flight

Since I have been doing this, my experience is so much easier. I take a backpack with me as a handbag when I travel as I like to keep my hands free for taking pictures, and it is easier to carry everything I need for the day in a backpack. Before I travel I pack my carry on suitcase with my packing cubes, and then on top I put my backpack. Inside my backpack I put everything I need for the flight, my headphones, laptop or ipad, socks, money, any cosmetics, tissues, medications etc. This way as soon as I find my seat, I take out my backpack, put my suitcase up into the overhead storage, and then have everything I need without having to be up and down for the duration of the flight. Once I reach my destination, I am good to go with a small light pull-along case, and my backpack on my back. This means no waiting at the baggage carousal, and I don’t have a large case to struggle with.









Tip Three – Find Alternatives To Liquids

Liquids are the one thing I have struggled with when flying. I like my cosmetics, and have sensitive skin so like to take all of my own products with me, rather than risk trying something new and breaking out. I have had to leave some liquids at the airport before when I couldn’t quite squeeze them into a clear plastic bag provided. I have spent the last few weeks really perfecting my ‘liquid alternative’s’ as this can make the process so much easier! I think I will do a separate blog post about this as there are so many good products I have found, but for ease I would recommend a visit to Lush. Lush offer shampoo and condition in bar-form, shower gel in paper-form, and various other body products, including toothpaste in tablet form, which means you can almost completely avoid having to pack liquids altogether!

Tip Four – Invest In a Good Cabin Sized Case

If you travel often, or you have a few trips planned, I would recommend investing in a good hand luggage size case. Cases on wheels are the easiest, and by ensuring you have the correct size, you will never have to worry about being stuck at the airport with a bag that won’t fit the dimensions. Primark actually do really good cabin size bags for as little as £20, but investing in something more expensive if you will get the use out of it is recommended. Another thing to consider is getting a bag with four wheels so you can rest your backpack, or jacket on the top and push it along, this will come in handy I promise you!

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Do you have any tips or hacks for travelling hand luggage only? 🙂 Let me know! E x