Halloween eye make up that’s freakishly AWESOME!

With Halloween only just round the corner, it’s time for several posts about it isn’t it 😉

Personally, I think Halloween is one of the best holidays there is. Plus it’s an awesome time to try out some spooky wacky makeup.

Tal Peleg is a massive fan of Halloween and also happens to be a th passionate visual artist. Being a photographer, illustrationist and makeup goddess. She comments that ‘eye-art is my way of mixing all of these passions together!’

Tal uses her own eyes as the canvas and makeup products as her paint. However, if you want your makeup designs to look as good as Tal’s you’ll have to have A LOT of patience to perfect your look!

Tal also comments, she doesn’t usually go out with these kinds of works of art on her eyes, ‘but… Halloween is definitely the best time to rock some special, artistic makeup!’

If you want to follow her work further: Facebook | Instagram


Now, let’s get into the holiday creepy atmosphere with these dark themed eye-art works…

#1 Corpse Bride

#2 A perfect design for any Stranger Things fans

#3 If you’re feeling brave why don’t you try a full face, Tim Burton style!

#4 If you’re obsessed with cats why not attempt this AWESOME black cat masquerade mask!

#5 Or keep it simple, sometimes less is most certainly more!

#6 Edward Scissorhands (AMAZING)

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