On our never ending quest to try out everything Lush has to offer, we decided to explore the unknown, and tested Lush’s famous shampoo bar’s. We both tried different ones, to get an idea of the range, and despite being skeptical at first, we can safely say, we have been converted!

Donna Tried ‘Seanik’

I’m quite fussy about my hair products so was very unsure about trying a shampoo bar. Would it be able to lather enough to achieve that squeaky clean hair feeling like traditional liquid shampoo? On my first use I was amazed at how much lather it produced and that was just from a few rubs on my hair. I’m one of those people that if there is no lather then my hair isn’t clear enough, so big plus points in this regard. And the smell was pleasant, not overpowering (which is a good thing in my view). I only needed to shampoo once and rinsed away the copious lather – honestly, you have to try it to believe it!.

After drying my hair as usual, my hair felt shiny and clean – not that I’d say any better than traditional shampoo – but definitely equal to. And my hair stayed ok the following day, the same amount of time as my normal shampoo, so no difference there. My one tip would be to buy the shampoo tins that Lush sell, as you need to keep the bar dry after using, to ensure it lasts. And this can be quite tricky in a steamy bathroom.

For me this is a fantastic product when space is an issue. My family often go on mini UK trips and by the time we’ve loaded up the boot with scooters, wellies, my clothes (!) etc, every bit of boot space counts! This is the perfect solution and avoids any yucky spillage. Plus as it’s Lush I would happily use on my kid’s hair, as it contains no harsh ingredients.

I will certainly go back to Lush to get the tin to store the bar in and now I know how effective the product is, I’ll also get a conditioner bar. Bravo Lush, Donna x







Emma Tried ‘Honey I Washed My Hair‘…

Oh my god!!! I think this is now my most favourite thing from Lush – ever!  I tried‘Honey I washed my hair‘ which I was looking forward to as I have used the soap‘Honey I washed the kids’ for years, and just love the scent. It takes everything in me not to bite into to when I use it!

My hair is really thick, and I find it hard enough to get my regular shampoo to lather up and battle through to my roots, so I was really skeptical about the performance of the bar. Well how wrong was I? I wet my hair and rubbed the bar into the back of my head and neck area, and I kid you not it was the most lather I have ever seen in my life!

The shampoo glided through my hair with no problems, to my roots, and through the length. I have used it quite a bit now, and every time I do, I am more impressed, and genuinely happy with the results. I am so pleased with how this has performed, because I like to try and keep my products natural if I can, and I know I can trust Lush, so being able to use a Lush product in place of my shampoo is a really exciting prospect for me.

I also love to travel, and save my money by not checking luggage, and using a carry-on, so for me, any alternative to a liquid product is brilliant for me, Emma x

We HIGHLY recommend, and really look forward to trying more ourselves, and finding out what you all thought of this product if you have tried it 🙂 x