Man Buns Are Over, It’s Time For MAN BRAIDS!

Man buns have grown in popularity and have certainly divided opinion. If we’re being honest, they do look ridiculous, but they’re everywhere.

People have even gone to drastic measures to “stop the knot”, although we wouldn’t advise doing this.

It has also been claimed by Dermatologist Sabra Sullivan that men stretching back their hair too much can lead to significant hair loss! Talking to Mic she said: “It’s really, really common, I see it probably once or twice a week.”

So could this signal the end of the man bun?

Don’t worry though if you’ve got a man bun or know someone who does. A new trend has strangely begun taking off, and that is man braids! The men of Instagram have been proudly showing off their unique styles.

It’s certainly an alternative to the man bun that’s for sure, but is it likely to start taking off?

You could try cornrows. David Beckham is a style icon, and even he’s sported them at one point.


You could go for a French braid down the middle?


via Instagram

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