Shopping is a skill and should be taken very seriously! We have all had successful shopping trips, and we have all had shopping fails! Here are some tips to ensure that every spree from now on is a great one. 

First of all I always like to make sure I have some snacks with me

I hate when you’re shopping and you need a burst of energy and you end up running into Sainsbury’s and buying sugary sweets! I like Nature Valley bars as they taste really nice and are the perfect size for a mid-shopping snack. I also like to keep a small bottle of water in my bag as there is nothing worse than being thirsty when you are halfway through swatching eye shadows in Superdrug!

Wear comfortable clothes that are easy to take on and off

This is a must if you are having a serious shopping day as you don’t want to miss out on that fab pair of jeans because you couldn’t be bothered to untie your boots and peel off your skinnies. I like to go for leggings and a jumper, or the easiest option of all, a dress. A dress is perfect as you don’t have to take anything off for trying trousers, and if you want to try a top it’s only one item rather than faffing about with layers.

Take a list

I can’t bear getting home from town and realising the one thing I actually really needed is the one thing I forgot!! This is usually something really silly like make up wipes, or nail varnish remover. To avoid this happening take a list of any items you need to remember. It is also good to write down any items that you think are missing from your wardrobe, or any events coming up so that you can find purchases for these occasions. I always find that when I am looking for something for a specific occasion I can’t find anything appropriate to save my life, but I guarantee that if you look months in advance you will find ten things that are just right!

Use discount cards, store cards, and gift cards

I went into Topshop last week and it was only after paying I remembered I had a voucher, grr!!! Learning from my mistake, I suggest that if you do have any vouchers, have a quick look before heading into town so you can remember what you have to spend, and also if there is anything you need urgently, you can try and find them in these stores first. I have also done the opposite and thought I had a voucher for Primark and ended up with handfuls of things I didn’t need to use the money up, and realised the voucher was less than I thought! So I suggest checking how much you have on the card first to avoid wasting money on bits and bobs you really can live without.

This goes for store cards as well, just keep them handy so you can save money, and collect points along the way. You never know, you might even have enough money on your cards to pay for something which is the best feeling ever! I do tend to find that I save points faster than I expect and end up getting quite a few free items, particularly in Boots.

Bring bags

It is so important now to remember to take bags with you. Spending 5p isn’t much every now and then, but every penny adds up, and over time you could be spending that money elsewhere! You can use this as a bargaining tool with yourself – if you take your own bags, you can treat yourself to that Starbucks! When the 5p charge initially started I was really good and had bags with me everytime I shopped, but over the weeks I have become really bad at remembering. I am going to take some out to my car so that if I am caught out I can just grab one from my car.

Pop a pair of socks into your bag!

This might seem strange but we have all been there. When you are wearing your pumps and you see a gorgeous pair of boots but you don’t have any socks with you to try them properly. For the small space a pair of socks take in your bag, I would say take them on the chance you need them!

Hand sanitiser

I just hate that feeling of dirty hands when you are shopping. After touching lots of clothes, shoes, hand rails, lift buttons… and everything else! I always take hand gel with me, especially for when you want to have a snack or you need to touch up your make up. I do not want to be doing this with dirty hands! Unfortunately we don’t have a great selection of hand sanitisers in this country (Bath and Bodyworks exactly when are you coming to the UK???), but I have noticed that a few stores have started to explore different hand gel scents. I found that Carex have started doing strawberry laces and bubblegum scented gels, and even Primark have a few different scents to choose from. Fingers crossed we will have more options to explore soon!


One tip that I almost forgot to add was to make sure you have a spare hairband with you. I try to keep a spare around my wrist at all times, but failing that I keep one in my bag as I am guaranteed to have enough of my hair getting in my eyes at some point during my shopping trip! If the weather takes a turn and I need to get it out of my face, or if I am in the changing rooms trying on clothes, it is easier to scoop it on the top of my head than get it caught in all the tags!












If you have any tips, as always, let us know!